Dating For Men Who Wish To Meet Women In Poland

Dating For Men Who Wish To Meet Women In Poland

Coach & Tram Stops

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I usually recommend bus and tram prevents whenever people ask me Where are the girls in this populous city?. Read the Teatra Bagatela, in the bottom of Szewska Street. There are several tram and bus prevents around there, always with plenty of ladies standing around experiencing bored from their head. Get up and then make them smile.

Florianska Street & Grodzka Street

Galeria Krakowska

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Its a massive mall close to Krakows primary stop to your north associated with the Old Town. This is a great place to spot literally hundreds of cute Polish girls if you dont mind the crowds. Just review and say one thing. Dont be creepy, be cool, simply relax and luxuriate in it.


This is actually the citys main square, found slap bang in the center of the Old Town. This really is destination to satisfy a significant load of tourists. Expect ladies to stay teams, but let this put dont you off. You simply have to get up and join the combined team, have a great time along with it, make an observation or something like that.


Anyone whom comes to see Krakow has to have a look at Kazimierz (or Kazi, as we call it). Its a quirky little region with a bohemian feel, markets, road food, and tiny bars with bags of character. Stroll round the roads, simply simply take within the sights plus the past history, and dont be shy about striking up conversations with any girls you may bump into who will be doing similar.

Bars & Clubs where you are able to fulfill feamales in Krakow.

Nightlife in Krakow is quite diverse, and like anyone who lives right here, i’ve my favourite four or five places and hardly ever regular any place else. Nonetheless, we utilized to your workplace for a neighborhood pub crawl business, thus I know the bars and groups right here sufficiently to write a significant guide on the best place to get tonight.


In the event that youve currently travelled to Budapest, Prague or Latvia you will no doubt have heard concerning the scam where youre invited up to a bar by neighborhood girls (or sometimes girls posing as tourists). You sit until you pay up, unless of course you want your head kicked in by the mafia security guards with them and order drinks, and when the bill comes you find out that the prices are absolutely outrageous, and theres no way of leaving the venue.

The clear answer: Dont get into ANY bar youre invited to by staff. You can find exceptions on Szewska road (the road where McDonalds is regarding the primary square). Pubs and groups that aren’t scam bars include: Kulturany, Multi Qlti, Shakers, Frantic, and Rin, along with an others that are few. But someone to undoubtedly avoid is Hard Candy. Try not to get here! If in question, ALWAYS ask when it comes to rates of one’s beverages just before purchase.

You have to additionally steer clear of the strip groups, in spite of how tempting they might be whenever youve had several a lot of shots and are also devoid of any fortune using the women. Strip clubs in Krakow are notorious for stealing from their clients, specially those from Ireland, UK, and United States Of America. We have met countless tourists who possess explained they have had either their wallet or passport stolen, or their card massively overcharged with the addition of a additional zero-. I will be perhaps not alert to a strip clubs which do not partake in this training. Therefore please, dont help these scam operations. Prevent them all.

Therefore, with those expressed terms of warning taken care of, here you will find the venues i suggest for fulfilling ladies at:

Alternatywy (Maly Rynek 4) quite popular with pupils, this cellar club usually plays cheesy 70s, 80s, & 90s music, providing a great celebration environment. Here youll find really cheap beverages (cheapest beer Kasztelan from 3-5zl according to the evening) and constantly plenty of girls on almost every evening for the week.

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